Precautions for using Ohaus electronic balance


With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, they have become more and more dependent on electronic products, so that there are many places where many people have appeared in the hands of electronic products. The following is a brief introduction to the use of one of the products that people are not familiar with-Ohaus Electronic Balance.
People want to use electronic products for a longer life and higher accuracy. The same is true for electronic balances, pay attention to the following four points.
1. Warm up in advance. Electronic balances usually need to be warmed up before use, and the warm-up time of each balance is often different. Generally speaking, the higher the accuracy level of the balance, the longer the warm-up time required, according to the requirements in the balance manual Perform preheating and extend the preheating time if necessary. Warm up is the key to accuracy.
2. Environmental conditions. Environmental conditions are also an important factor affecting the measurement performance of electronic balances. If there is no specification in the manual, it should work normally under the temperature condition of -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
3. Horizontal state. Generally high-precision electronic balances are equipped with level adjustment devices and levelers. During use, the level of the balance must be checked frequently.
4. Calibration at any time. The electronic balance should be calibrated every day or before each use. If necessary, the frequency of calibration can be increased.