Classification of electronic balance


Balances that balance the gravity of an object with electromagnetic force are called electronic balances. It has many features, such as accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, and automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration device and overload protection. Ohaus electronic balance is a famous brand specializing in the production of balances and weighing instruments.
The electronic balance has four important performance indicators: stability, sensitivity, correctness and invariance. While understanding these performance indicators, we also need to know more about its classification.
Common balances have the following three types: ordinary tray balances, semi-automatic electro-optical balances, and electronic balances. There are many types of electronic balances, and the division method is not uniform. Generally, they are divided according to the types of electronic balance sensors and the accuracy of the use of electronic balances.
(1) According to the sensor method, there are ①electromagnetic balance type ②inductive type ③resistance strain type ④capacitive type
(2) According to the accuracy of electronic balances, there are ①ultra-micro electronic balance ②micro balance ③semi-micro balance ④constant electronic balance ⑤analytical balance ⑥precision electronic balance
Hope that through the above classification, everyone can have a certain understanding of the electronic balance.