Company profile

Xiamen Shouke Automation Technology Co., Ltd It is a professional instrument and high-tech product system integrator. Guided by the policy of seeking development with high-tech, the company continuously cooperates with domestic and foreign manufacturers and scientific research institutions, and introduces a large number of advanced online and offline instruments, mechanical equipment and materials, chemical reagents and consumables from home and abroad, providing a large number of products and services for users in various industries, especially In the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, chemistry, communication, science and technology teaching, medical and health care, energy conservation and emission reduction, agriculture, aerospace, etc., it has close cooperation with many famous professional manufacturers in the world

Relying on Xiamen's strong talent resource advantages and mature high-tech industrial chain, the company has been at the leading level in the sensitivity of new products in various fields such as experimental instruments and automation instruments, and constantly launched various new concepts and new products. Engineering and technical personnel account for more than 50% of the company's staff, and the company has a good long-term cooperative relationship with many universities and scientific research institutions in Xiamen.

Innovation and integrity responsibility pursuit

Innovation is the essence, honesty is the foundation, responsibility is the principle and pursuit is the spirit

Enterprise spirit: transmission power of fine forging products

Enterprise spirit: transmission power of fine forging products